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Participate to the 2030 State of the Future Index !

Particicipate to the 2030 State of the Future Index !

As Millennium Project French Node, we have the pleasure to invite you to participate in The Millennium Project study assessing the indicators used to compute the 2030 State of the Future Index. 

The State of the Future Index (SOFI) is an assessment of the potential 10-year outlook of the future by aggregating forecasts for a set of selected indicators. The forecasts are based on 20-years of historical data and judgments about the best and worst plausible value for each of the indicators ten years from now. SOFI has been computed by The Millennium Project since the year 2000. Time-to-time the set of indicators, their plausible ten-year best and worst values, as well as their respective weight/importance in the SOFI are reassessed. 


This Real-time Delphi is designed to collect judgments for the next State of the Future Index. The instructions concerning the questionnaire are included below and they will be displayed at your first access to the questionnaire; after that, they can be accessed by clicking on « Survey info » under the « Help » button (upper right corner of the screen). 

If you have any difficulties, please contact Elizabeth Florescu

In order to access the questionnaire:

  • Click this link (or copy into your browser:
  • On your first access, please use « Registration » (the link below the login box) to create an account 
  • You will receive an email confirming your registration and access to the questionnaire
  • When you first login, please use the email with which you registered, and create a password (it has to be at least 8 characters, containing a combination of upper case, lower case, and number.) You have to use these credentials each time you login, to retrieve your own answers and to see how the responses evolve.
  • The following Introduction and instructions will appear when you first login:


Welcome to the Real-Time Delphi that collects judgments for computing the 2030 State of the Future Index (SOFI). Your judgments are invited to assess the 29 indicators that compose the 2030 SOFI. The questionnaire is open until Fevruary 28, 2022.