A Millennium Project Node is a self-organizing group of institutions and individuals recognized by the Project that will facilitate the Project’s research or conduct autonomous research in support of the Project.

The Millennium Project Nodes are groups of individuals and institutions that connect global and local views.

Nodes identify participants, translate questionnaires and reports, and conduct interviews, special research, workshops, symposiums, and advanced training.

In this capacity, each Node will participate in the identification of incipient world issues and opportunities, study their prospect and their potential resolution, as well as methods for accomplishing such research.

Jerome Glenn, co-founder
of the Millennium Project

Arts and Media Node

Canada Node

Silicon Valley Node

Chile Node

Peru Node

Uruguay Node

El Salvador Node

Mexico Node

Colombia/Caribbean Node

Venezueula Node

Spain Node

Bolivia Node

Brazil Node

Argentina Node

Iceland Node

United Kingdom Node

Brussels Aera Node

French Node

Dutch Node

German Node

Solvenia Node

Montenegro Node

Finland Node

Romania Node

Bulgaria Node

Greece Node

Isreal Node

Cairo Node

Moscow Node

Turkey Node

Kenya Node

Dubai Node

Iran Node

Pakistan Node

South Korea Node

Japan Node

Australasia Node

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